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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Back in the saddle...

My darlings...I am BACK on your internet. After worthwhile hiatus from internet blogging, I decided that I missed updating and relentless thoughts of "Wow, that would be funny to blog about" moments.

So here I am.

Since the depletion of my last blog...I decided to somewhat reincarnate the old one. Hence the clever title and the same template. By the way, when did signing up on the internet become a bit harder? Since "To Catch A Predator" aired, I guess.

Anywho, a bunch of things have been happening the past year. I was thinking the other day how a YEAR ago I graduated from college. Wierd. My plans on going to grad school were a bit altered. My alma mater was a complete disaster and I have to admit that once I got through the disapointment I am so happy that it was a no go. But the experience left a very bitter taste in my mouth with the mentors of my undergraduate program. Needless to say, we are NOT on good terms. However, I found an alternative route to continue my education and I am very excited. The start date is a bit hazy but the program is wonderful and much more convenient. So hopefully this will be the path I am supposed to be taking.

My jobs (yes, JOBS) are definitely keeping me busy. I am still at the radio station. I have been given more opportunity and doing some pretty coveted time slots. I love this job. After a year and a half of being here, I have finally felt that the work and sacrifice of working overnight shifts is starting to pay off. I am learning so much right now and getting called in to cover a lot. In any media/entertainment industry, you HAVE to pay your dues. There is no way around it. After an internship with WBIR this summer, I found myself appreciating radio a lot more. Don't get me wrong, I am glad I had the television experience but radio is just my cup of tea...as of now. Who knows? I am a big believer in the idea of things happening for a reason. If this career doesn't pan out...hey at least I can brag about it and have fun thinking about all the times I messed up or said something completely out there live on radio to thousands of people. Good stories for the kids. A couple of months ago my mom was talking about careers and life when she brought up a very good point. I started working for one of the BIGGEST radio stations in the country at 20 years old. Sure the hours have been difficult and it's not the easiest industry to survive in...but all those years of having some kind of personality on stage came in handy for something. Either way, I know that whatever is mean to for me to do ...I can at least do the radio voice to entertain. But I love the comfort, environment and the people I work for...I just hope to keep growing.

And yes, I dropped the the radio name that I was made fun of by some of you.

Umm....Christmas is coming and so EXCITED. My family is doing great AND I have a new addition to my life. Yes, this year Santa brought me a boyfriend...as an early Christmas present. Boy, I didn't see this coming anytime soon since I really had not been in an actual relationship in years. Needless to say he is a blessing...keeps me sane. We met on a blind date at the end of the summer (I broke my vow to never go on another blind date after what happened a couple of years ago). I was in that mode of "I'm over dating, concentrate-on-myself" when we were set up. We had talked on the phone a few times before actually going out. I remember thinking to myself after the first time talking that if he is just half as cute as he sounded...I would be in trouble. Needless to say, he came to the door and these blue eyes looked at me...and I was gone. And then he kept cracking me up...then I was just sent to the moon. He is high quality and has become one of the biggest support systems in my life right now. My family adores him and I believe his family feels the same towards me. It's really one of those circumstances that most girls go through when they meet someone special and we keep asking the guy "Seriously, what is wrong with you?" I like the fact how we relate to each other and how our lives almost mirror each others. He is a little bit older...25...went to Bearden (which I make fun of him for), and treats me better than I could imagine. Oh... and his name is Andy.

Have any of you heard of Ray Lamontagne? He is this upcoming artist who is a blend of folk, jazz and a taste of bluegrass. Well anywho, Andy has wanted to see him and guess who got tickets as a secret suprise. Wonderful...check out his music.

Also, what do you think of Obama?? Anybody??


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