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Saturday, November 01, 2008


So the other evening, I ran to the mart de Wal to pick up a few items...and of course spent the majority of the time in the Christmas section planning my outdoor light decor in my head (yes, this was before Halloween...I am my Papaw's granddaughter). While walking around I came across an individual that caught me off guard...and my laugh. See...I was born without the neurotransmitter that filters circumstances before laughter. What I mean is...I laugh at the most inappropriate things and the wrong times. IT'S NOT MY FAULT!! It makes me feel bad...but maybe I can explain this person.

You know that cell phone service commercial with the guy (or inner self) explaining why he can't come to the phone because he doesn't have enough bars to get his messages from his friends going to Paris and he has to spend the weekend with the emo/goth twins. One of the twins is dancing to horrible techno music with one of the ribbon wands while the other is holding the radio....ring a bell? Well, I love those commercials and that is my favorite one. Anywho, I RAN INTO THE DANCING TWIN!! Tight jeans, black hair, and ALL. It caught me off guard so fast and I couldn't help but burst out a laugh and a nano second after tried to cover it with a cough. Then I quickly scurried behind the cd rack to catch composure...but that commercial kept playing in my head. I don't think he noticed...but I feel bad. It's justified when it is a commercial, right??

Heads up: My Papaw is putting up his famous Christmas light display after 4 years...and I'm helping so I can learn the tricks of the trade!!


  • At 4:58 AM , Blogger Just Me said...

    LoL. The other twin was probably around there somewhere. I would've laughed too.


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