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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I just watched an Oprah show on rudeness in our country. I don't watch Oprah as much as I used to simply because of the "church" she has made herself out to be. But anywho, this subject caught my attention because I personally think people are losing their minds in civil conduct. There is all types of differences in etiquette and simple conduct...everyone has an opinion. I just learned a lot from my wedding...and in even in that realm there are differences in what is right and wrong. We all have moments where we fall but there are some things that I just can't tolerate...and I am going to share with you my biggest pet peeve in public conduct.

(drum roll)

When people leave store buggies in random places in the parking lot. PEOPLE, they have little cut out places where you can leave them!!!! There is no excuse except for pure laziness. The reason for this pet peeve comes from my father, who is a general manager for a grocery store chain. I remember him telling me when I was younger of how he would be out in the parking lot in the freezing cold or the blazing hot rounding up the buggies...and I actually teared up. I went grocery store shopping yesterday, and as I was parking, the lady in the spot in front of me unloaded her bags and put the buggy in the VACANT lot next to her. Let me make this more disgusting...she was in her gym clothes. Now I'm only assuming, but if you pay for a gym membership and take an hour or more of your day to sweat and exercise (which is fine) THEN refuse to walk MAYBE 20 steps to put up your kart...you have a mental illness. So if you are one of those people (I don't care how far you parked from the designated areas for buggies) and I ever see you do this...I judge you...OH, I SO JUDGE YOU. And to let you know, if I see a buggy out of place thats not even mine...I actually do put it up...it is that much of bother for me.

On a lighter note...I early voted! YAY!!


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