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Saturday, September 13, 2008


This past week, I was dumbed down by watching MTV's video music awards. Has our generation gone completely down the drain? I remember watching on the news how the award show is losing ratings and MTV is literally scrambling to find some kind of controversial topic so they can keep it going.

First of all, MTV has completely lost its value in society in my opinion. The shows are completely fabricated and takes 30 seconds to predict...but lets move on...I believe I have said that in my blog in the past.

So...the VMA's this year opted to go with a British comedian that is apparently just HUGE...overseas. I had seen one or two promos with him and they actually did make me snicker. That changed. It is really sad when a person feels the only comedic material in our country is to bring up the election. Wow. That is groundbreaking.

On another issue, these Jonas Brother wear promise rings. Ok, I will even admit it may be a little hokey. I am not against it (I 100% believe in their decision) but I do believe that a personal decision doesn't have to be laid out for display...especially for pop stars...it seems like a marketing pitch. I personally do not care to hear about sexual escapades or lack of...I just wanna hear you sing Mmmbop. AND...they are what...14 years OLD??! They don't need to be having sex!!!!

It blows my mind.

However, we now live in a time of mixed messages. We hear all the time...wear a condom...safesexsafesexsafesex...ALL THE TIME! MTV itself has promoted such things, but if a person decides to opt for abstinence...then that is just CRAZY!! Abstinence doesn't just apply to us (what some of you may call) "Bible Folk." Abstinence isn't just a religious choice.

Anywho, it was endless jokes and sarcasm for a decision that a small portion of the USA may choose or had chosen. Why can't our society come up with something better to make comedy out of? Seriously, I am having bad flashbacks of that Comedy Zone comedian.


  • At 1:20 AM , Blogger BG said...

    MTV hasn't been significant in over 10 years. They are more like RTV (reality television), and have been for so long their real name is basically a misnomer. From a social psychological standpoint, I think people like watching celebrities fail because it makes them appear more human. That is why crap like E! and all those gossip web pages are doing so well. We can all laugh at the misfortunes of the rich and famous. Also, it is a marketing direction to have the "Jonas Brothers" wear promise rings. It is no different than the whole, "Hi, I'm Britney Spears and even though you all sort of have an inkling that I'm probably a ho I swear to you that I'm not having sex!"


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