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Friday, December 22, 2006

Everybody goes to Dollywood

Yesterday, I went to Dollywood. OH wait, let me say that the right way. Yesterday, I went to Dollywood with my three nephews, my sister, my mom, and my grandmother. I am worn out. I will have to say that Dollywood does an incredible job with decorations and lights for Christmas. It was quite impressive. The weather was pleasant, it was not too crowded, and we got to go for free. Not a shabby deal, right? You are right. Except for one tiny detail...taking a 20 month old child that would not stop screaming unless there was a piece of food or a drink in his mouth. I am saying this in a literal manner. My goodness! The rides were good. My sister and I did the Tennessee Tornado rollercoaster twice. During the ride, they take your picture while going down a hill. I wish I had bought the picture now. On the second ride, I was prepared to make an awesome expression. My fishface while holding up two top guns. Pretty funny. My sister and I laughed for about 10 minutes.

Get ready...Christmas is coming!! Have a Merry Christmas!!


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