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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Prayer Request

I'm asking for you guys to keep my cousin in your thoughts and prayers. Over the weekend, he came home and complained of some really bad head pains. After a while, he ended up passing out and having seizures. He was unconscious for quite some time. He was rushed to children's hospital and I can vouch that his status was scary. I actually went back to see him and talk to him and the sight of him not being able to speak, spontaneously shivering, and rolling his eyes was quite horrific.

Turns out he has two blood clots on his brain and one on his brain stem. As of now, he is fully conscious but he is being transferred to university hospital for more tests. He is literally a walking miracle...at 13 years old. The doctors told him that if this had happened to someone older...they would not be alive. There are still some open possibilities to what may have triggered these problems but nothing is conclusive.

Please keep him mind since he has a long way to go before he can be fully well.


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