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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Getting Bridey wit it...nahnahnahnahnahnah....

Thanks to those of you who sent kind wishes, emails, and phone calls in regards to the engagement. We are both very excited and I am looking forward to sharing the planning process and hopefully the wedding with you.

I should have been a wedding planner because my theme of it is "Get it done." I made a vow to not become the dreaded "Bridezilla" since the wedding won't even compare to my married life with Andy. I've become very easy going about the details and things are already booked (in days time keep in mind). Church...done. Reception venue/catering...done. Florist...done. Wedding party...done. Cake Lady....done. Wedding dress...I think it is done. I see it, I like it...I want to get it over with and book it. My wedding date is a popular one for next year so I just don't want to deal with conflict. It may sound impulsive but in the end it really won't matter. I am just never one to sit and really ponder over things like this...heck...I really didn't think I would get married before 30. I do care but see no point in pulling my hair over details. Besides, it's a few hours of my life and I will be glowing regardless of things. I hope.

I had a few hours to spare yesterday so I went by myself to look at dresses (yes, I know I have plenty of time). I think it was the best for me. Some girls love to take a whole gang of gals but I get things out of the way much faster and don't like to waste time going from dress to dress. I just want things out of the way so it won't gang up on me. I'm like this when it comes to projects...and this is one heck of a project for me. I literally walked in the store...did a quick skim through, tried on the first dress and looked at the girl and said "well, that was easy." So the madre will be going back with me tomorrow...on my birthday!! I am very excited about her seeing it. Chances are she will cry but we will get past that. I called her and she kept saying to wait. She wants to go to Atlanta and maybe Nashville...but...I don't really want to deal with it. We will see. She may win this battle in the long run.

If anyone has any references for photogs and videographers...I would really appreciate it.


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