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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Dedication to BG!

Last night I had a very interesting dream involving almost every single person I have ever met. Literally. For some reason, I was travelling and ended up going to the church Andy was brought up in. It is a huge church and they were having this service. I was wearing green and ended up holding my puppy during the service. Andy's friends were all there making conversation about me. Towards the end of the service, people were forming lines on both sides to work up to the microphone to either give a testimony or sing. I look to my left and see that Brian Gentry is lined up behind Clay Aiken. Clay is about to start singing, this beautiful melody is starting, when Brian Gentry (using the famous Brian face) stops Clay Aiken by saying "Dude, you have had your suit all messed up in the back this entire time" and shoves Clay to sit down. Random...yes. But man, just seeing the classic Brian face and the tone of voice...I miss that. I laughed in my dream.


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