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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Radio Thoughts

Ok, since coming off the overnight shift (Thank you, Lord) I thought I would have a little down time. You know, having my one shift on Sundays and occassionally filling in since summer is starting. No...it doesn't even quite work that way. I am working every single night this week during the prime hours of 7-midnight (filling in for one of hottest share times), they have me training a guy that will be taking over my old overnight shift (seriously, I am TRAINING now) and just got a phone call saying they want me on Saturdays doing midday slots for now.

But here is the down fall. Sort of. I have worked there for two years now. My pay is absolutely horrific. The past couple of weeks I have had to analyze if this job was going anywhere. I never understood people who took minimal jobs and were truly happy until I got this job. I love what I do and what I love most is that I worked very hard to get this job. The man I am training is in mid to later forties and has dreamed of working at our station for years and never was given the opportunity until I gave up my shift. I had to really ration out that feeling for him. He is just incredibly proud to just be under the name of our station. And last night while training him, I felt proud because it really showed how much of an influence we are to people in this country. We win every single radio award you can imagine. I know...this sounds dramatic like I am saving African children (which I am working on) but I really love what I do. Sure, I have my days where I wish I was at home or with Andy but there are sparks of enjoyment even on those days. I still mess up and think I sound ridiculous on the radio. Even if the pay sucks, it still makes me happy when some of the most influential people in this industry (and I mean people who are truly considered industry gold) trust me and tell me how dependable and hardworking I am. That is really all I ever wanted to prove myself as in whatever job I had. Talent is always debatable but tenacity and dependability is not. Who knows where this is going? I don't even want to know. But it's just nice to come full circle after having some letdowns the past couple of weeks.


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