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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Yeah...about that....

Back from vacation. It was great and fun. We actually had our engagement pictures taken on the beach which was perfect. Wedding still on...but that whole post about getting things done..yeah...not so much. We believe we are changing the date to earlier. May 10th is the projected new date. So far all our vendors are flexible so that is a real blessing. The whole 8-8-08 thing kinda got on my nerves after a while and it really is a long way from now...so May is looking good. But engagement...it freakin' rocks. We are gonna be registering in the next few months. Andy and I are getting excited because we really just want to walk into our stores and shoot anything we like with those cool registry guns.

Andy and I are in the middle of picking a honeymoon destination...and our picks are all over the place. We are very lucky because our honeymoon is actually going to be the wedding gift from his parents. I think it is amazing that they are doing that and it is very kind of them. We like The Atlantis, Bahamas, Greece (my pick), Ireland (Andy's pick) and Hawaii. We just don't know what to do. We love all our picks really and they are all so different. A lady in our neighborhood (and friend to my mom) is a travel agent so we are counting on her for the best deals and suggestions. The price ranges for these places are all over the place so who knows where we are ending up. Probably Gatlinburg.


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