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Sunday, March 29, 2009

I did it!!

I ran my first 5k in 33 minutes and 26 seconds. I will say it was not my personal best and I was a bit disappointed in my time. I really wanted less than 30 minutes. I had misjudged the course and the amount of time running on an incline/hill (stupid campus) which made it much more difficult. I also got a horrible side stitch (those horrible cramps you get under your right side of your ribs due to your diaphragm practically shutting down...at least that is what it feels like). Halfway into the race I had to slow down to a fast walk so I could regain breathing and pinch my side/ribs to cut it off. I probably walked a good 30 seconds but once I started up again it slowly came back. Again, I slowed down to a fast pace walk doing the same routine for around 30 seconds and it finally worked. Once I saw Neyland Stadium, I picked up my pace and proudly ran onto the finish line which was actually the 50 yard line!! It was very cool to be on the field.

My sweet hubby was there to take me on a very COLD Sunday at 6:30 in the morning. There were over 5,000 participants for the marathon/half/5k. There was also a race for kids which was really sweet. I am proud that I finally did something challenging and new. It was inspiring to be around so many incredible runners. Seriously. There were some SERIOUS runners that could smoke you in a second. Regardless, I did my small 5k and now I want to do more. I am gonna start pushing my distance to do a 10k in May. I know I can do it.

And maybe a half at the end of the year in Memphis...but that is just rumbling around in my head right now. One thing at a time...


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