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Friday, May 04, 2007

Annie are you okay??

So I just read Joe's blog regarding Michael Jackson and found it amusing since I was listening to the King of Pop on my Ipod. Growing up, I loved MJ. I still do my mock dances of Thriller and Beat It (it's a fav to do in public, trust me). One of my favorite videos was "Smooth Criminal." I loved the gangster/flapper costumes. I caught myself giggling because I remember the dance move in the video where he leans forward and springs back, pretty much the coolest move EVER. My sister and I would try to figure out how to do it and never could perfect it. I still don't know if that was an actual move, video trick or just a string attached to his pants. All I know there were many a times of stumbling into coffee tables or falling flat on my face attempting this move.

I got a phone call tonight at the station from a girl I went to school with. Lately I have been contacted by people who have heard me on the air and it embarrasses the flip out of me. I don't even like for my family or Andy to listen...it just makes me nervous. I don't know the cause of the new shyness. I have never had a fear of public speaking or being in front of people, but it's different for some reason. So by any chance you hear me...and I know you are listening...I am nervous. I still love it and enjoy the fun and relaxed atmosphere but I just get embarrassed...like I am being judged or something. It's probably just me.

In other news, it is our Anniversary! Three quarters of a year has passed since my baby blues walked in my life. I know I brag about him on this blog...but by golly...he deserves it. We are heading to Melting Pot for dinner and I am very excited! I haven't been there since prom of my junior year (Props to Eli Kennedy for being such a fun date). By the way, Eli is engaged if you didn't know. I never to talk to him but I found out by the glory of facebook. So Eli, if you read this, major congrats to you and please feel free to get in touch...it has been way too long!

Speaking of wedding bells....(big pause)....there has been some big talk regarding me and my honey dumplin! I don't know if it is appropriate to announce it like this but there are plans of engagement (as of now) in the near future. Of course I have no idea when or where with Andy but we have been talking about it and have been looking at rings. I am leaving this all up to him...but boy is it hard not to get all excited! We are taking our time on plans and making sure we are at the perfect place. We have been talking since in the next 2-3 months we will be approaching our 1 year and both feel that would be a comfortable time for engagement. Our families both know and can't hide their excitment! Between my family and his, it will definitely be one incredible celebration and I thank the Lord everyday for bringing this person into my life.


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