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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Okay Okay...

Maybe that was a cheap shot...but the movie clip still cracks me up. I apologize.

Moving way on...Andy's family was gracious enough to have me do a live remote at their dealership on Friday with the radio station. I was nervous about this one since I wanted to do my best for them. They really wanted me to be able to branch out since it usually is one of the full-time personalities that do the remotes of this size. But the family requested me so I could keep on proving myself...made me tear up a little. I feel very fortunate to have another family that supports as much as my own.

On another note that is somewhat related...I have a thing for nostalgic antiques and style images from the 30's- early 50's. The style, feel, attitude...those eras are just the coolest! When I was at the dealership, I was lucky to get to see Andy's grandfather's 1932 Ford that he fully restored a couple of years ago...absolutely breathtaking. It made me want to jump in some peekaboo pumps and put my hair in curls...and pucker up my lips with red lipstick (which I do most days...thankyouverymuch). Our generation, in my opinion, has come to really appreciate that generation...our grandparents' generation. You can look around in fashion, music, and television and see throwbacks to those eras...and they will never come close to authenticity. It makes me wonder what my grandchildren will appreciate from right now. My Ipod?? Eh..could be. Kanye West?? Brian Gentry, I will hurt you if you say my grandchildren will appreciate "Mr. West?" Maybe it will be my blog!! I can handle that.

Who am I kidding? I just want to be Kate Beckinsale in Pearl Harbor...without being pregnant with Josh Hartnett's baby...and definitely without Ben Affleck. I just wanted her wardrobe...and put Andy in a military suit...SOLD!


  • At 10:58 PM , Blogger BG said...

    I'm sure your kids will view Mr. West about the same way we view our parent's music. Believe it or not, but he'll be an oldies rapper someday. On the other hand, maybe I will slip them his CD's early in life.


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