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Wednesday, January 03, 2007


So I have been covering the 7-midnight time slot the past couple of days. I really enjoy this time slot because of the energy and the phone calls one can get during these times. It is also great when you walk into the station ready to go and find out we are just "breaking news" about an earthquake right here in town. Yeah, we may not live in big cities but we get earthquakes...that measure 2.6 (lame pause). Hey, it was exciting for me at least. All the news people and weather guys called in, I got to do breaks with our own news reporter for the station, and we were the first to report it. It was exciting to ME!!

It was also "Bring your boyfriend to work" day tonight! Andy stopped by for a few hours to see the station. His grandfather does a lot of advertising with the station so I felt it was ok for him to stop by. I asked around since my manager was out of town and everyone seemed to think it was alright. Andy was so much fun to have around. I showed him how things run and what I do at certain times. The best part is always the phone calls...always the phone calls. People crack me up! We also have a television right there in the station to watch the news, but I flip through channels to see what is on. Since meeting Andy, he got me hooked on Deal or No Deal. People, this is quality television. Andy doesn't watch it as much as me, but he laughs whenever people open a case that has high amounts of money. I never knew anyone else to have the "evil laugh." I think that is why we get along flawlessly, we have evil laughs and use them at the wrong times. Tonight on Deal or No Deal, the contestant picked his first case which held a million dollars. At the same time, we both laughed...in an evil manner.

Is this fate?? You be the judge.


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