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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Yesterday I had the day off and I was going to make it all mine! I got my hair trimmed, ran a few errands, did a little shopping and then I headed to Andy's house to hang out before he got home. Having a key to your boyfriend's house is a trip. He just finished building his house back in February and it is beyond quality for an average soon-to-be 26 year old (I know you're Birthday is in July, but you know how much I love to tease you about dating someone who was in middle school when you were driving). It's just nice to step into your boyfriend's house and see what it is like when he leaves in the morning. I saw his shoes neatly lined up in front of the counter, how he makes his bed, where he puts his remote control, how he leaves his mouthwash on the bathroom counter...just little details that make me stick out my bottom lip and make me fall deeper for this boy. Little details are neat to me. Just seeing his house when he isn't there is just...well...cute. My favorite was opening up his fridge to get a bottled water and seeing Mott's individual packs of applesauce. All I could do was stand there and mutter "He buys applesauce."

Of course, the absolute best part of coming home to Andy is Tanner, his 3 year old Boxer. Tanner is a big dog baby. He is absolutely gorgeous, cuddly and a lot for me to handle since he is big...at least for me. Andy leaves him in a cage while he is out since he doesn't quite trust what Tanner would do if he wasn't there. The minute I walk in, Tanner gives me this look like "What? Who? IT'S HER!!! YAY!!" I immediately get him out and start playing. I can't play rough with him because he can get really ROUGH. I just usually jump up calling him "Tanny Boy" and turn around, flail my arms, and run in place. I'm sure it is very humorous. He ends up doing the same and trying to jump on me or jumps and turns mid-air.

I get him on his lead and take him outside to do his business. Then he starts to run around me in a circle. Andy says he only does it when I am around...to show off. Then we come back inside where I give him fresh water and head straight to the den to watch some television. Of course I don't quite know how to work his television because of the way to difficult HD remote that could send us in World War III. I head to his bedroom where I jump in his bed, letting Tanner up, and I turn Foodnetwork on (I need help because I watch this way too much).

About an hour later, Andy comes home to find me laying in his bed with his tv on. Then Tanner jumps up to let him know "Hey, she lets me up here!!" All Andy can do is jump right in and give me a big kiss. Now isn't that sweet?

We went to eat at Downtown Sullivan's in Maryville. If you ever want to eat at a good restaurant with some history, I suggest you go to this one. The restaurant is in the old J.C. Penney building next to old theaters and record shops. It's so neat!


  • At 4:22 PM , Blogger Zhubin said...

    It's all very sweet and charming until you find the huge stash of farm porn in the closet.


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