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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Just some late night thinking...

Things are great...just to let you know.

You know who absolutely fascinates me...C.S. Lewis. If you have never read his books, regardless of spiritual/religious belief, they are probably the single most in-depth Christian based pieces of intellectual goodness one could ever read. What I like most about his writing is how he takes common sense points and defends the Christian belief. Of course there are points that any Agnostic/Atheist could argue, but Lewis seems to always find some point to counter that...it makes me cross my eyes...and makes me refer back to the Good Book for more answers and references.

His first Chapter begins talking about the "The Law of Human Nature." Back in school, I vaguely remember discussing this topic. Morality can be somewhat relative...right? A psychology/anthropology/sociology can argue what makes a person react or act in a certain manner. Is there such a thing as a real right and wrong? When reading over some of his main points I could not help but giggle at an incident I had a while back. Catching people who were dear to me lying to my face is quite an experience if you have never been through it. Now looking back, the whole thing was silly and shouldn't have happened in the first place but their argument for the actions were quite comical. The "Paige, I never new this would hurt you" circumstance kinda ran through my head (along with other much deeper issues).

Then I start thinking about the forgive and forget issue. Can you REALLY forget? I mean...REALLY REALLY forget? The term forget can be relative in some arguments. The best definition that I could relate to is not necessarily forgetting what was done but the emotional pain that a situation brought you. I'm like an elephant...I have a memory that just grows and grows. I can forgive in my heart but to forget a situation that caused a lot of pain is something I don't think a true human being can just throw away.

Now I am rambling...it's time for me to go to bed.


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