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Thursday, February 01, 2007

You know what makes me mad??

NO, it's not feeling like a complete idiot when it comes to common sense spelling. It's when we are told "Oh WE ARE GETTING SNOW...WATCH OUT!!" I have been anticipating snow for the past 24 hours and it just spits a few flakes. Wow...way to go global warming...and other...weather factors.
This just bums me out...and I have to go into work at the boutique today.

(Paige five year old pouting)

Right now, I feel like there are slow motion montages of me looking outside with a tear rolling down my face, me yelling at the weather channel, me stomping on my sled, me kicking through the dust of snow and trying to make pitiful snow angels, my head covered with my pillow...with that "So you had a bad day" song is playing.


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