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Thursday, April 19, 2007

It's about FREAKIN' time....

My mom is quite a passionate person. She has done it all...owning clothing stores, television, public speaker and now you can say she is onto one of the biggest changes in the beauty industry. After she left the television gig, my mom wanted something she could control. She had worked in the skin care/makeup industry for years through retail and through television. Oh, you can also add national spokeswoman for a skin care line. Anywho, she jumped on the trend and her true passion...skin care. We started working with some of the best in the business. My mom was trained, educated, and fueled with a passion that not your MAC cosmetic salesperson could even compete with. It wasn't about making someone pretty by slapping some lipgloss on...it was about educating women on WHAT they were actually putting on their faces. Heck, you guys should even listen.

The whole "natural, oraganic, holistic" trend has its causes and let me say some disadvantages. These terms are being used way to loosely. We worked with the number one mineral makeup company in the world. Now, let me get lingo for you...mineral makeup is the fastest growing trend in the beauty industry. It replaces the cheap filler ingredients with actual grounded up minerals from the earth (foundations, eyeshadows, blushes, skin care, you name it). Sure, they are natural...but not necessarily toxic free. A few years ago, my mom started catching up on something. She started looking into ingredients and finding out how incredibly toxic our everyday products are. Did you know that our sweet FDA does not review or REGULATE cosmetics products or ingredients for safety before they are to the public and has no legal authority to require safety assessments of cosmetics? Now, this doesn't just limit the girls here...we all need to be looking at our deodorants, toothpastes, lotions, shampoos, soaps...yada yada yada. It seems you turn around and you hear about more cancer or hormonal defects...and we wonder why? Our everyday necessities that we don't think about are potentially causing most health problems in our own bodies. Its bad enough we live in such a toxic environment already!

Luckily, there seems to be a change! Many large companies are noticing this...and it's about time. You may hear "Oh, there hasn't been any link to cancer and deodorant by studies!" REEEAAAALLY??? You don't think there is conspiracy behind a billion dollar industry???? Go look at your deodorant right now...and on ingredients...do you not find propylene glycol? Oh you do? Ok...thats basicaly antifreeze. Yeah...sweet! I could go on and on. BABY powder is one of the most toxic things on the market...and it goes right on our lil' babies booties. Go check out your toothpaste!

My mom actually cultivated a non-toxic makeup line. No, I'm serious...and her feedback is getting better. I am technically co-founder but lets be real...I was born with a compact and lipstick in my hand. Many women (and men) don't like the change and figure cheap products won't harm them. If they weren't seeing this then The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics wouldn't be underway. Many companies are seeing the change and have signed to change their products for a non-toxic approach to beauty and health. You can check it out at www.safecosmetics.org/companies/signers.cfm. You can look into your own favorite products to see where they fall before you grab that bar of soap your bought for a dollar. Hopefully this industry is changing for the better and we can all smell soundly.


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