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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Luck of the Irish!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!! Hope you can handle all the green! I love this day because of the celebration of Irish culture. I feel happy to represent my fair skin, Leprachaun stature, and of course the red hair!! And yes, I am actually part Irish.

I want to admit something on here. I am probably the most disorganized person when it comes closets and clothes. It is by far the most irresponsible thing I do. My main problem is the AMOUNT of clothes I have. Over the years, since probably the end of high school, I have just collected such a huge amount that my 2 closets are completely full....and you can't see the ground. A couple of weeks ago I began pulling clothes to donate to Good Will but it seems I am really gonna have to get in there and just go nuts. My family has made fun of me for it and now they have really scolded me. I understand their point...but if my disorganized closet is the worst thing about me...I think I pass the test as a good person.

I also want to state that once in my life, I want to ride in a hot air balloon. I don't know why I find this important to post about but I feel that if I state something I want it will somehow come true. And no, I am not doing it because the bestseller The Secret tells me so. I just like saying fun stuff.


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