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Saturday, February 03, 2007


This weekend promises to be fun. The Superbowl with Peyton, a sort of promotion with the station (I'm getting more time on air and being put on more primetime slots...VERY EXCITED!!) and the boy and I are celebrating six months together. I am expecting synchronized "awwws" at this moment. I think I have broken him in with my Michael Jackson "Beat It" dance.

The boy (thats what I refer to him now) are going to pick out appliances for his freshly built house which has come along beautifully. I have to say I am very proud of him and his accomplishment with the house. It is fantastic. He is moving further away but its not too far for the usual visits.

I'm trying to think of anything else exciting...umm....my mom traded in for a sweet CL 500 mercedes coupe. This car is ridiculous. When did they start putting in AIR condition and a massage systems in car seats?


  • At 3:59 AM , Blogger BG said...

    When cars eclipse $30,000 (let alone $60,000) the dealer has to add something to make it appear better than the less expensive cars. It is no different than adding super duper computers to these cars with navigation systems and totally digitized stereo systems. Practically no body who buys those cars knows how to actually use that equipment, but they'll be damned if they can't brag about having it since they paid so much money.


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