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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Bring it!!

I had a wonderful Christmas! But onto the real stuff...yes I know you are tired of hearing about the wedding but...3 MONTHS!!!!!!!! My first shower is this weekend! I love registries! I'm enjoying this time but Andy and I are both at a point where we are just ready to get this going...I'm ready to be on a plane to Hawaii with my new hubby. Laying on the beach, eating fantastic food, exploring the islands...and of course...yeah...I'm definitely implying that.

The preparation for a wedding is insane and I fully understand why people either elope or have small ceremonies...it is SO much! Trust me...Andy wanted it that way. Do you understand invitation etiquette??? Yeah, me neither. But knowing me I have to have the elaborate affair. So as my dad says "lets get this party started."


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