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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Challenge

I am setting a new challenge for me. Why? So I can add one more incredibly insane thing to my list of things to do.

I am setting a diet challenge for myself. To start...I, in no way, think I am fat or needing to lose some insane amount of weight. Currently I weigh 108 lbs. Yes, that is small. I am small. This is a diet for how I want to feel and tone up. A great cleansing diet for more energy and better muscle mass for my body.

Part of it is for wedding...of course...but also just for my own concentration and personal discipline. I currently drink only water, a diet green tea every now and then, and milk. I've been doing this for quite some time and I can tell you I dropped a few pounds just by cutting out caffeine. An occassional Starbucks is ok...but when you can strive on just water and be ok everyday...it helps out beyond words.

More exercise is another goal...I have fallen off the wagon the past couple of months and you can tell a difference in your body when you do. I hate it.

Cutting back on sweets is the hardest thing for me since I have the biggest sweet tooth (one word or two??) in the world. Chocolate is the best thing in my opinion and have no problem eating it all day (I don't but I could). This is hard but portion control is the biggest key when you can spread out smaller healthier meals through out the day instead of 3 big meals. This will control my urge to splurge on sweets.

Breakfast: I never skip breakfast...a healthy bran cereal with fruit is my trick.

Stretching in the morning. I don't put this in the same realm as exercise because, in my opinion, flexibility is key in any healthy routine and maintaining great posture and endurance through out the day. I was an ice skater for years and gained incredible flexibility...I have no intention of ever losing that.

Going to bed early. I caught bad habits of staying up late because of college and I am trying to kick that habit. I am setting a bedtime and making sure I go to bed with a clear mind. I have a tendency to stay up later than I should just thinking of things that I can deal with later. Bad habit.

More prayer and meditation. Taking time to pray and then adding a few minutes on top of that to just clear your mind does wonders.

Some are these are minor but making it go for the long haul is the challenge. Feeling better always puts an extra spring in your step.


  • At 5:43 AM , Blogger BG said...

    You got "sweet tooth" correct. Also, everybody's sleep cycle is different. If you are staying up late that isn't necessarily a bad thing, unless it is messing with your work schedule.


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