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Monday, December 17, 2007

No No, I am Legend...

I was surprised...I only covered my eyes a few times during I am Legend. I enjoyed it. Oscar worthy? No, of course not...but I enjoyed the 100 minutes. The movie will make you want to get a German Shepherd, take your vitamins, and be advocates FOR animal testing.

But anywho, thats enough of that...I was pumped to finally see the official Batman trailer. The money is worth that. I believe I posted before that if we can get past Jack Nicholson being the ultimate Joker (which he is) for one second then we can enjoy this Joker. My prediction in believing Heath Ledger pulling off this character came true! And Christian (we are on a first name basis now) is gonna be back to a much cooler character, of course. Batman is the ultimate hero...of all.

Surprisingly, Andy shook me up a bit with his comment. After the movie, he said he wasn't THAT excited about seeing my...I mean...The Dark Knight. It only looked "ok." He isn't as pumped about this one than he was the first movie.

I, in return, pondered if I was going to be showing up at the church on April 5, 2008.

Did he forget that I tried making a Catwoman suit out of those black plastic garbage bags when I was 8 years old?? Seriously...I did...ask my family.

OH and thank Scott for posting the trailer on his blog...


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