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Friday, January 19, 2007

Abe Movie!

On Conan, Liam Niessen was special guest and discussing his future role as Abraham Lincoln in a movie directed by Spielberg. I am beyond excited about this because A) Liam is completely amazing and B) Abraham Lincoln was completely amazing. I really think this will be an awesome movie. It gave me chills to think of the movie because I think Liam is completely capable of portraying this historical figure and he actually looks like Abraham. Liam is like Morgan Freeman...everyone likes him and he just does a great job at everything. And I love the name Liam.

I haven't seen any movies lately. I didn't even see Casino Royale (I know). My time has been split the past couple of months with work and other things so movies weren't on the activity list. In the past 2 months, I have seen one movie in theaters. ONE!

In other news, I have been puzzled by my weight...loss. I have lost 5-6 lbs. and have no idea how this was accomplished. I have not changed my eating habits, exercised or done any diet to make me lose this weight. It may not be much, but on my "under 5 feet" stature it makes it a bit noticable. My family and Andy had been commenting how I looked smaller but I disregarded it until I stepped on a scale and realized I weighed under 110 lbs. Wierd. When I started college, I lost a bunch of weight because of a combination of stress and being with a personal trainer. I got in shape fast but weighed almost under 100 lbs. Way too much weight to lose! Since then I have tried to keep my weight steady and just be healthy. Maybe its just a seasonal thing...who knows!


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