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Friday, May 02, 2008

HI HI HI!!!!

I'm baaaaaacccckkk!!! The wedding was beautiful and full of yummy goodness. It even had Brian G and Scott slow dancing with each other at the reception. THAT'S what I call a fantastic wedding. Everything was perfect! The ceremony, the food, the CAR (which was previously owned by THE Celine Dion...you can imagine that I was indeed doing my best SNL Celine impression in the backseat). The only thing I wish was that it hadn't gone by so fast...Andy and I both agree that it seems like it didn't happen. The Honeymoon in Hawaii was just what we needed. Hawaii is such an interesting place with its slower pace. Our hotel was right on the beach with a spa, mulitple restaurants, and even had penguins in the lobby. I am very spoiled due to the fact that the fruit was freaking amazing. We travelled to the pineapple plantation and ate it right off the vine. I won't even look at pineapple in the grocery store due to the fact it is just NOT the same.
So I am back and now playing the little housewife. The house decorating is coming along very nicely and I am proud to say that we have impeccable taste. It's a work in process but it is exciting to get our home together. We still have our moments where we look at each other and question "aren't you supposed to be home at this hour?" The first few days of waking up next to each other seemed like we were doing something wrong...then we were reminded with our wedding bands. We have started rituals, especially at night, where we start cooking around 6pm. Last night I made one of our favorite meals...chicken marsala. Grilled chicken with a rosemary gravy mixed with Portebello/shitake mushrooms/capers and marsala wine...on top of fettuccini pasta...yeah....Baby can cook. We clean the kitchen together (because I have become insane about keeping the house up). Then we watch some of our favorite shows (The Office, Lost, Grey's Anatomy, various shows on foodnetwork, Dancing with the Stars...yada yada). Andy has started a new ritual of playing the new Grand Theft Auto game (while yelling "GET SOME") with me watching. He says that has officially moved me beyond "hot wife" status. I do it for the pure entertainment value of the male species and his electronics. I laugh that he says the blessing over our food and then wants to go shoot prostitutes and drug dealers...we are going to be fantastic parents one day.