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Friday, June 29, 2007

So Into Patara

Caught you sis...you never told me you read my blog and have it on your favorites. You should know better than to talk about what websites you have in front of my nephews....

Nicholas told me what you did.

so ha ha ha ha!!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Yeah...about that....

Back from vacation. It was great and fun. We actually had our engagement pictures taken on the beach which was perfect. Wedding still on...but that whole post about getting things done..yeah...not so much. We believe we are changing the date to earlier. May 10th is the projected new date. So far all our vendors are flexible so that is a real blessing. The whole 8-8-08 thing kinda got on my nerves after a while and it really is a long way from now...so May is looking good. But engagement...it freakin' rocks. We are gonna be registering in the next few months. Andy and I are getting excited because we really just want to walk into our stores and shoot anything we like with those cool registry guns.

Andy and I are in the middle of picking a honeymoon destination...and our picks are all over the place. We are very lucky because our honeymoon is actually going to be the wedding gift from his parents. I think it is amazing that they are doing that and it is very kind of them. We like The Atlantis, Bahamas, Greece (my pick), Ireland (Andy's pick) and Hawaii. We just don't know what to do. We love all our picks really and they are all so different. A lady in our neighborhood (and friend to my mom) is a travel agent so we are counting on her for the best deals and suggestions. The price ranges for these places are all over the place so who knows where we are ending up. Probably Gatlinburg.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Getting Bridey wit it...nahnahnahnahnahnah....

Thanks to those of you who sent kind wishes, emails, and phone calls in regards to the engagement. We are both very excited and I am looking forward to sharing the planning process and hopefully the wedding with you.

I should have been a wedding planner because my theme of it is "Get it done." I made a vow to not become the dreaded "Bridezilla" since the wedding won't even compare to my married life with Andy. I've become very easy going about the details and things are already booked (in days time keep in mind). Church...done. Reception venue/catering...done. Florist...done. Wedding party...done. Cake Lady....done. Wedding dress...I think it is done. I see it, I like it...I want to get it over with and book it. My wedding date is a popular one for next year so I just don't want to deal with conflict. It may sound impulsive but in the end it really won't matter. I am just never one to sit and really ponder over things like this...heck...I really didn't think I would get married before 30. I do care but see no point in pulling my hair over details. Besides, it's a few hours of my life and I will be glowing regardless of things. I hope.

I had a few hours to spare yesterday so I went by myself to look at dresses (yes, I know I have plenty of time). I think it was the best for me. Some girls love to take a whole gang of gals but I get things out of the way much faster and don't like to waste time going from dress to dress. I just want things out of the way so it won't gang up on me. I'm like this when it comes to projects...and this is one heck of a project for me. I literally walked in the store...did a quick skim through, tried on the first dress and looked at the girl and said "well, that was easy." So the madre will be going back with me tomorrow...on my birthday!! I am very excited about her seeing it. Chances are she will cry but we will get past that. I called her and she kept saying to wait. She wants to go to Atlanta and maybe Nashville...but...I don't really want to deal with it. We will see. She may win this battle in the long run.

If anyone has any references for photogs and videographers...I would really appreciate it.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

A boring post...maybe?

It is almost 2am and I can't sleep. I have been working everyday and my time with Andy was at the minimum. I get a phone call today from my friend, asking if Andy and I would like to meet her and her husband for dinner. I was all for it and told her that would not be a problem. I hang up and call Andy who says I needed to be at his house after I got off work (which was at 7) so I had to call Katelyn back and tell her it had to be later but we could still meet for dinner. I was very suspicious of what was going on. Things weren't adding up because there was no real reason for why I had to drive out to his house after I got off work.

So I go on with my day...go to lunch with Sarah Janney expressing my suspicions about Andy's demeanor, I go to work which seemed to last forever (I'm very tired from working 8 days straight and my voice was about to go out). A few minutes after 7:00, I headed to Andy's house and finally pull into the driveway. I get out and Andy comes out to the garage looking like the stud I know him to be and says to come in. I immediately notice how clean the house is and a small package on the counter. My birthday is coming up next Wednesday and he simply says he couldn't wait to give me my gift. I open the box and it's a Coach box (I am highly obsessed with purses and accessories and Coach is one of my favorites). At this point I am beyond confusion because this is going against what I was originally thinking of what was going to happen. I open the box and it is this AMAZING silver with diamond Coach watch that is shining like a beam of light. Well...I am just completely stunned and just so gracious...but still confused. He couldn't wait to give me a watch 4 days before my birthday??

Well...he then tells me to read what is on the back of the watch...and inscribed is "Will You Marry Me? Love Andy"

Tears, people...TEARS started to come to my eyes and before I could say anything...Andy is on his knee taking my hand and holding a YELLOW DIAMOND RING IN HIS HAND. I'm starting to fight the urge to cry while he is saying my full name and popping the question. I couldn't really look at him cause his baby blue eyes are looking at me and HE is starting tear up.

Needless to say, I said YES!!!! We had our moment then we were both on the phone to family and friends expressing our joy and spreading the news. It was an amazing night and we did meet our friends for dinner for a delicious dinner with great laughs and celebration. We stopped by my grandparents' house and my Nana had made us an apple crisp dessert and gave us our first wedding gift (which is making me cry right now). My parents showed up at the restaurant and then of course we headed to Andy's parents' house. We were pretty much out til after midnight stopping to see family and close friends.

I would like to state that I knew the engagement was coming at some point soon since we had been working with a jeweler (a friend of the family that is in NYC). Andy wanted me to be apart of that process since he had no idea what I would like and doesn't know much about jewelry. I had no problem with that but I insisted on never seeing the ring and that the rest was up to him. I thought maybe on our beach trip...but he picked an absolutely incredible time (he literally could not wait that long) and I was truly surprised. He planned this and had already asked my father for permision and both sides of the family knew what was going on. Today (or yesterday technically) is actually his grandparent's anniversary...so this makes it very special. The ring is absolutely stunning, the watch is stunning and will be significant in our family since it is the defining moment of our family being officially started. I really dig that and the creativity it took! It is our first family heirloom and will hopefully be passed down to our children!!! Baby did good. Baby did real good.

I am absolutely shocked and I am incredibly happy to be marrying the man that I have literally wished for all of my life. God sent this angel at the most perfect time in my life. So get ready folks...the date is set on August 8, 2008!!! I am the future Mrs. Dean!!!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Um...where are you guys? Is my blog that dumb?? Should I quit?

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Radio Thoughts

Ok, since coming off the overnight shift (Thank you, Lord) I thought I would have a little down time. You know, having my one shift on Sundays and occassionally filling in since summer is starting. No...it doesn't even quite work that way. I am working every single night this week during the prime hours of 7-midnight (filling in for one of hottest share times), they have me training a guy that will be taking over my old overnight shift (seriously, I am TRAINING now) and just got a phone call saying they want me on Saturdays doing midday slots for now.

But here is the down fall. Sort of. I have worked there for two years now. My pay is absolutely horrific. The past couple of weeks I have had to analyze if this job was going anywhere. I never understood people who took minimal jobs and were truly happy until I got this job. I love what I do and what I love most is that I worked very hard to get this job. The man I am training is in mid to later forties and has dreamed of working at our station for years and never was given the opportunity until I gave up my shift. I had to really ration out that feeling for him. He is just incredibly proud to just be under the name of our station. And last night while training him, I felt proud because it really showed how much of an influence we are to people in this country. We win every single radio award you can imagine. I know...this sounds dramatic like I am saving African children (which I am working on) but I really love what I do. Sure, I have my days where I wish I was at home or with Andy but there are sparks of enjoyment even on those days. I still mess up and think I sound ridiculous on the radio. Even if the pay sucks, it still makes me happy when some of the most influential people in this industry (and I mean people who are truly considered industry gold) trust me and tell me how dependable and hardworking I am. That is really all I ever wanted to prove myself as in whatever job I had. Talent is always debatable but tenacity and dependability is not. Who knows where this is going? I don't even want to know. But it's just nice to come full circle after having some letdowns the past couple of weeks.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Dedication to BG!

Last night I had a very interesting dream involving almost every single person I have ever met. Literally. For some reason, I was travelling and ended up going to the church Andy was brought up in. It is a huge church and they were having this service. I was wearing green and ended up holding my puppy during the service. Andy's friends were all there making conversation about me. Towards the end of the service, people were forming lines on both sides to work up to the microphone to either give a testimony or sing. I look to my left and see that Brian Gentry is lined up behind Clay Aiken. Clay is about to start singing, this beautiful melody is starting, when Brian Gentry (using the famous Brian face) stops Clay Aiken by saying "Dude, you have had your suit all messed up in the back this entire time" and shoves Clay to sit down. Random...yes. But man, just seeing the classic Brian face and the tone of voice...I miss that. I laughed in my dream.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Somebody Stop Me!!

Since I have a Borders reward card, I am constantly getting coupons for books. This only makes me go back and buy more books instead of waiting when I finish the book I am currently on (they put expiration dates on these things within days of getting them). I am in desperate need for some more book suggestions. Feel free to post away!! Please? I trust you.

I love you, Borders...