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Monday, December 31, 2007


Nope, I do not like Tom Brady...I know he is a great quaterback...but he just bothers me. Here is a topic up for debate...If Manning and Brady were to fight...who would win?? My money is on the guy who makes great commercials...


Thursday, December 27, 2007

Bring it!!

I had a wonderful Christmas! But onto the real stuff...yes I know you are tired of hearing about the wedding but...3 MONTHS!!!!!!!! My first shower is this weekend! I love registries! I'm enjoying this time but Andy and I are both at a point where we are just ready to get this going...I'm ready to be on a plane to Hawaii with my new hubby. Laying on the beach, eating fantastic food, exploring the islands...and of course...yeah...I'm definitely implying that.

The preparation for a wedding is insane and I fully understand why people either elope or have small ceremonies...it is SO much! Trust me...Andy wanted it that way. Do you understand invitation etiquette??? Yeah, me neither. But knowing me I have to have the elaborate affair. So as my dad says "lets get this party started."

Saturday, December 22, 2007

And we think WE got talent??

Carrie Underwood is talented and all...but seriously...this takes it to a whole new level.

And if you don't cry (like I did)...you are a robot!


Monday, December 17, 2007

No No, I am Legend...

I was surprised...I only covered my eyes a few times during I am Legend. I enjoyed it. Oscar worthy? No, of course not...but I enjoyed the 100 minutes. The movie will make you want to get a German Shepherd, take your vitamins, and be advocates FOR animal testing.

But anywho, thats enough of that...I was pumped to finally see the official Batman trailer. The money is worth that. I believe I posted before that if we can get past Jack Nicholson being the ultimate Joker (which he is) for one second then we can enjoy this Joker. My prediction in believing Heath Ledger pulling off this character came true! And Christian (we are on a first name basis now) is gonna be back to a much cooler character, of course. Batman is the ultimate hero...of all.

Surprisingly, Andy shook me up a bit with his comment. After the movie, he said he wasn't THAT excited about seeing my...I mean...The Dark Knight. It only looked "ok." He isn't as pumped about this one than he was the first movie.

I, in return, pondered if I was going to be showing up at the church on April 5, 2008.

Did he forget that I tried making a Catwoman suit out of those black plastic garbage bags when I was 8 years old?? Seriously...I did...ask my family.

OH and thank Scott for posting the trailer on his blog...

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Day Brightener...

If you have not seen the "dramatic chipmunk" video on youtube...I suggest you stop and go watch all the renditions of it (Bond, Kill Bill, etc...). Maybe I am way behind but THIS just makes my day a bit better. They are short posts but absolutely worth it.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Challenge

I am setting a new challenge for me. Why? So I can add one more incredibly insane thing to my list of things to do.

I am setting a diet challenge for myself. To start...I, in no way, think I am fat or needing to lose some insane amount of weight. Currently I weigh 108 lbs. Yes, that is small. I am small. This is a diet for how I want to feel and tone up. A great cleansing diet for more energy and better muscle mass for my body.

Part of it is for wedding...of course...but also just for my own concentration and personal discipline. I currently drink only water, a diet green tea every now and then, and milk. I've been doing this for quite some time and I can tell you I dropped a few pounds just by cutting out caffeine. An occassional Starbucks is ok...but when you can strive on just water and be ok everyday...it helps out beyond words.

More exercise is another goal...I have fallen off the wagon the past couple of months and you can tell a difference in your body when you do. I hate it.

Cutting back on sweets is the hardest thing for me since I have the biggest sweet tooth (one word or two??) in the world. Chocolate is the best thing in my opinion and have no problem eating it all day (I don't but I could). This is hard but portion control is the biggest key when you can spread out smaller healthier meals through out the day instead of 3 big meals. This will control my urge to splurge on sweets.

Breakfast: I never skip breakfast...a healthy bran cereal with fruit is my trick.

Stretching in the morning. I don't put this in the same realm as exercise because, in my opinion, flexibility is key in any healthy routine and maintaining great posture and endurance through out the day. I was an ice skater for years and gained incredible flexibility...I have no intention of ever losing that.

Going to bed early. I caught bad habits of staying up late because of college and I am trying to kick that habit. I am setting a bedtime and making sure I go to bed with a clear mind. I have a tendency to stay up later than I should just thinking of things that I can deal with later. Bad habit.

More prayer and meditation. Taking time to pray and then adding a few minutes on top of that to just clear your mind does wonders.

Some are these are minor but making it go for the long haul is the challenge. Feeling better always puts an extra spring in your step.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Movie Delight!

So hopefully I will get to see I Am Legend next weekend. I have no idea how I will react to this movie. My mind tells me I won't be scared but my gut...well not looking good. If there is anything remotely scary/suspenseful...I freak out. But we will see. Opening weekend for hyped up movies are always fun.

Andy is gone this week to Las Vegas with his family for his brother's birthday. This will be my week to get some loose ends tied up for wedding stuff and get organized. At least, this is the plan...

Check this out: http://youtube.com/watch?v=nm2o-NI7fLk

YAY!! It might be bad BUT Get Smart was one of my favorite shows to watch when Nick at Nite was first really big. I would watch Bewitched, Get Smart, Dragnet and then at least try to watch Alfred Hitchcock's show. These shows remind me of when I would stay the night at my grandparents' house. I would just curl up in their bed and watch these shows. It was always freakishly cold but good memories are worth it.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

The winter air is cold...and bitter...

If you haven't had the chance to read Joe's blog (http://www.heyitsjoe.blogspot.com) I HIGHLY suggest you do so....I have been having a hard time with the church that my family has been visiting the past year or so. His post, which derives from another friend's blog and observations on modern church society, is pretty much right on point.

Let me start off that I was personally raised in a very, VERY tiny church that my grandfather is a Deacon in. I never had much of a youth group but the simplicity and graciousness of my church raised to me to appreciate the Word of God instead of the glitter that churches now feel they have to decorate all around. I feel that churches now have to do this in order to achieve some kind of "hip" relevance with modern society. I have a big problem with this. My sister and I have had discussions of these issues since we have witnessed corruption...no....complete ARROGANCE and BLINDNESS of a church that takes money and status over the congregation. Wait...no...the absolute truth of what a church should be about. And it is not just about the monstrous churches...but seriously...where do we go wrong??

I could go on about what we have witnessed but I have to hold back my anger and focus it toward making a change within ME. It is not the church's fault but the growing ignorance of people like me who may think that just because a "church" says so...that makes it right. I am by far not perfect in my walk with Jesus Christ. As I sit here my eyes are tearing up because I can see my own faults and my constant neglect towards Him. My focus can easily be distracted and my personal relationship with Him has been cut off to some extent. When my time comes, I will not be standing with a congregation. I will be standing alone and I will see the life that I lived. Maybe this is "Fire and Brimstone" type of thinking but it breaks my heart to see the decisions I have made this far. I think of my words that I have expressed to people, the actions I should have taken, the actions I should NOT have taken, the thoughts of personal gain that burn my brain, the hand I should have lended...the list goes on.

I guess maybe the only thing I can ask is just to whisper a small prayer for me...like I should always do for you.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Okay Okay...

Maybe that was a cheap shot...but the movie clip still cracks me up. I apologize.

Moving way on...Andy's family was gracious enough to have me do a live remote at their dealership on Friday with the radio station. I was nervous about this one since I wanted to do my best for them. They really wanted me to be able to branch out since it usually is one of the full-time personalities that do the remotes of this size. But the family requested me so I could keep on proving myself...made me tear up a little. I feel very fortunate to have another family that supports as much as my own.

On another note that is somewhat related...I have a thing for nostalgic antiques and style images from the 30's- early 50's. The style, feel, attitude...those eras are just the coolest! When I was at the dealership, I was lucky to get to see Andy's grandfather's 1932 Ford that he fully restored a couple of years ago...absolutely breathtaking. It made me want to jump in some peekaboo pumps and put my hair in curls...and pucker up my lips with red lipstick (which I do most days...thankyouverymuch). Our generation, in my opinion, has come to really appreciate that generation...our grandparents' generation. You can look around in fashion, music, and television and see throwbacks to those eras...and they will never come close to authenticity. It makes me wonder what my grandchildren will appreciate from right now. My Ipod?? Eh..could be. Kanye West?? Brian Gentry, I will hurt you if you say my grandchildren will appreciate "Mr. West?" Maybe it will be my blog!! I can handle that.

Who am I kidding? I just want to be Kate Beckinsale in Pearl Harbor...without being pregnant with Josh Hartnett's baby...and definitely without Ben Affleck. I just wanted her wardrobe...and put Andy in a military suit...SOLD!