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Monday, January 29, 2007

Spell Check

Do you spell it wierd or weird? I always understood it to be wierd since the old rule from school "I before E except after C."

Andy thinks I am incorrect! Am I? Honey...your argument? And anyone else's?

Saturday, January 27, 2007

I love surveys...

1. Have you ever been homeless? no
2. What is your biggest fear? I will admit...I don't like the dark
3. Have you ever yelled at a telemarketer? no
4. Do you brush and floss? YES
5. Have you ever shoplifted? No
6. Cars or boats? cars
7. What is your screen name? eh...don't use it that much
8. Have you ever been in an accident? yes
9. What does your name mean? Paige?
10. Favorite month? December I think
11. Would you live on another planet if it were possible? sure
12. How do you align yourself politically? depends on the issue really...
13. What name brand do you wear the most? no clue...Limited?
14. What is your eye color? dark hazel
15. Are you a vegetarian? no, but I do not eat shrimp, crab, lobster, some fish, pork...and some other meats at time.
16. Would you give money to a hobo? I would want to...but its hard to completely trust these days.
17. What do you label yourself as? a girl??
18. Cell phone, land line, or talking with a mic on the computer? how about over radio air waves...OH SNAP!!
19. Have you ever gotten your tongue frozen to something? not that I recall
20. Do you like depressing music? depressing music?? Uh...I guess at times....
21. What is your most missed memory? ice skating
22. Have you ever walked more than a mile? yes
23. Your crush's first name: ANDY ;-)
24. Do you send chain letters very often? never
25. You're having a bad day. Who do you want to talk to? Andy or I pray.
26. Last hug? I think mom before I came to work.
27. Last time you were really really mad? earlier in the week
28. Tastes great, or less filling? what??
29. How easily do you trust people? I have trouble with that sometimes...I admit. It just depends.
30. Math or science? science
31. Where did you get your last email from? work
32. Do you hate yourself? nope
33. Why do you like the music you do? cause I can shake my booty ;-)
34. How do you usually dress? almost always in jeans or pjs...but I do like to dress up!
35. Would you date someone older than you? I already am!
36. TV or movie? yikes...thats hard to pick
37. What size shoe do you wear? 6
38. Rock or rap? rock
39. Do you like holidays? YES
40. Watching or playing sports? depends
41. Are you ghetto? Oh Yes...very much
42. Have you ever gone a week without showering? nope
43. What is your favorite name? for what?
44. Have you ever failed a grade? no
45. Do you ever use your full name? yup
46. Favorite year so far? I like all years
47. Explain what you think about abortion. against...done to much research on it
48. What were you doing at midnight last night? sleeping
49. Do you use email, IM, MySpace, or phone the most? phone
50. Do you have any collections? I have a huge collection of Barbies in storage that are still in there boxes...and....beanie babies....shut up. I have all sorts of collections.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Abe Movie!

On Conan, Liam Niessen was special guest and discussing his future role as Abraham Lincoln in a movie directed by Spielberg. I am beyond excited about this because A) Liam is completely amazing and B) Abraham Lincoln was completely amazing. I really think this will be an awesome movie. It gave me chills to think of the movie because I think Liam is completely capable of portraying this historical figure and he actually looks like Abraham. Liam is like Morgan Freeman...everyone likes him and he just does a great job at everything. And I love the name Liam.

I haven't seen any movies lately. I didn't even see Casino Royale (I know). My time has been split the past couple of months with work and other things so movies weren't on the activity list. In the past 2 months, I have seen one movie in theaters. ONE!

In other news, I have been puzzled by my weight...loss. I have lost 5-6 lbs. and have no idea how this was accomplished. I have not changed my eating habits, exercised or done any diet to make me lose this weight. It may not be much, but on my "under 5 feet" stature it makes it a bit noticable. My family and Andy had been commenting how I looked smaller but I disregarded it until I stepped on a scale and realized I weighed under 110 lbs. Wierd. When I started college, I lost a bunch of weight because of a combination of stress and being with a personal trainer. I got in shape fast but weighed almost under 100 lbs. Way too much weight to lose! Since then I have tried to keep my weight steady and just be healthy. Maybe its just a seasonal thing...who knows!

Friday, January 12, 2007


Its been a very long, tragic, stressful, and irritating week. First off, if you don't know the latest story on Channon Christian, I suggest you look into the news and read the story. This has been one of the most tragic incidents that has occurred in a very long time. Keep these families in your thoughts.

Second, I am asking for prayer for Andy's grandfather. I was at the hospital for a majority of the day with Andy and his family. His grandfather was having a standard procedure to explore his heart but the doctors found many complications and it will be touchy for some time. Luckily I have much experience in this department with my family, espcially my papaw that I am very close to. Andy and the family were not expecting this type of news today...neither were the doctors. At first it was all a bit shocking and then it finally hit. All of us were crying for periods of time. Andy kept strong for some time, but eventually he broke down. It was so hard to hold him while he cried simply because I knew exactly how he felt...absolutely helpless. One thing we definitely have in common are our relationships with our family, especially with our grandparents. If there is one fear I have, it is losing a family member. So please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers. I feel in my heart his grandfather will get through these complications...he is one tough cookie.

Also, keep my grandmother in your prayers. My dad's mother in Florida had a minor stroke a couple of days ago. She is feeling great but had a little damage that caused her to lose some sight in her right eye. The doctors believe this will heal on its own, but prayers are always needed.

Any good news??

Friday, January 05, 2007

TV Rant

My feelings on popular television shows:

Desperate Housewives: Words can't express my hatred for this show. I hate it. I hate it so much I find it hard to eat an apple now. I'm gritting my teeth as I am even thinking about this show. I gotta move on. I never could get into it and the actresses in this show grind my nerves to a pulp!

Lost: OK, maybe I can't truly judge this show because I have only seen a few episodes, but it really seems the writers look around their desk and use objects that they see in order to write a plot. (for example: Coca-Cola bottle with the polar bear cartoon and a postcard of an island....IT'S BRILLIANT!!) I like some of the characters (I dig Sawyer) but the main "doctor" character is way lame. I understand why people are addicted to this show because I have caught myself watching the show with anticipation. However, once it is over, I think back at how ridiculous it is. So I guess I "appreciate" the show.

Grey's Anatomy: I am guilty of not getting into television shows until after everybody else has. I started watching Grey's into its second season and I absolutely love it. I had to buy the first and second season on DVD. I love most of the characters, the morals, and the twists. Izzy, Madison, George, Alex, and Cristina are my favorites. However, this season has been a little slow. Hopefully the next few episodes are gonna kick in.

The Office: One of the funniest things I have ever seen. I love the camera work in this show. Another one that I didn't get into until after everyone else has. I'm still learning about the characters and the storylines. I have never seen the original show, but I am sure I would love it. The facial expressions of the characters are absolutely hilarious, especially when they are talking to the camera or when they look into the camera during a conversation with other characters.

Deal or No Deal: Guilty pleasure. Everyone I have ever introduced the show to are now addicted. It is pure comedy. I am actually making it a goal to be on the show.

Studio 60: I have never watched it. I hear mixed reviews on it.

Las Vegas: It's "OK"

Laguna Beach or any show of the like: I am very embarrassed to say that I watched it a couple of years ago when it first came out. However, someone needs to pull the plug on these shows...fast.

The Real World: Ok, growing up, these shows were interesting because they actually HAD social issues being discussed that were mostly taboo at the time. The first seasons really did bring issues out that are evident in everyday life. But now it's disgusting and it is predictable what the cast will be like. It's been like that for the past...7-8 years? There are no social issues being tackled and it is completely ridiculous. It's so lame that the commercials gross me out. Pull the plug on this one ASAP...or stop putting people on that embarrass this generation.

The Soup: This show can be funny.

Survivor: Is this show even on anymore? I never liked it.

The Apprentice: NOW WITH SNOOP DOG! I will pass.

Did I miss any???

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


So I have been covering the 7-midnight time slot the past couple of days. I really enjoy this time slot because of the energy and the phone calls one can get during these times. It is also great when you walk into the station ready to go and find out we are just "breaking news" about an earthquake right here in town. Yeah, we may not live in big cities but we get earthquakes...that measure 2.6 (lame pause). Hey, it was exciting for me at least. All the news people and weather guys called in, I got to do breaks with our own news reporter for the station, and we were the first to report it. It was exciting to ME!!

It was also "Bring your boyfriend to work" day tonight! Andy stopped by for a few hours to see the station. His grandfather does a lot of advertising with the station so I felt it was ok for him to stop by. I asked around since my manager was out of town and everyone seemed to think it was alright. Andy was so much fun to have around. I showed him how things run and what I do at certain times. The best part is always the phone calls...always the phone calls. People crack me up! We also have a television right there in the station to watch the news, but I flip through channels to see what is on. Since meeting Andy, he got me hooked on Deal or No Deal. People, this is quality television. Andy doesn't watch it as much as me, but he laughs whenever people open a case that has high amounts of money. I never knew anyone else to have the "evil laugh." I think that is why we get along flawlessly, we have evil laughs and use them at the wrong times. Tonight on Deal or No Deal, the contestant picked his first case which held a million dollars. At the same time, we both laughed...in an evil manner.

Is this fate?? You be the judge.