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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tomorrow is another day...

Tomorrow morning is my first attempt at 5 miles...outside...with natural incline. Let me just state that I now have a hateful relationship with the treadmill. When I was getting ready for the 5k, the treadmill was great. You didn't run that long on it and it was rather comfortable. I have now discovered that running any length over 3.5 miles on the treadmill just plain stinks! It becomes tedious and the view in the gym isn't the most appealing. So now I am taking it to the streets. To be honest, I actually run better outside.

On another note, training for the 5k was much easier than this (duh). I have talked to some people and read about this "block" that can happen in training. It is this literal point in your run where you seem to have difficulty in pushing yourself to go further after a certain mileage. This has been the battle with me the past few weeks. My strategy is making sure I get the distance in no matter what. If I feel that I need to slow down to a fast walk to gain some composure back a few times...I will. I never let myself go more than 30 seconds...but that 30 seconds of time helps my body get back on track. This has been helping me mentally and physically to just get my body used to going further than normal. Pace and agility will come and I still have time to get this thing locked in.

On a cool note...my yoga/pilates instructor thinks I should become certified to teach. Whoa! Don't know if I feel comfortable enough to teach at this point but it is still very cool to think how much I have improved!